Academic Programme

Class Rooms: Digitalized

Ideal classrooms with latest technology. Class rooms are well equipped with latest and effective teaching aids. Internet connected systems for online reference Integration of Audio-visual teaching is an important feature of SPR Teaching system

Micro Schedule

A micro level planning for teaching a particular topic is done. The concepts to be mastered. The objective of mastering the concept is achieved by making the students to tell orally the Concepts, Definitions and Formulae through CDF drill. We simplify the process of learning at school level through practical methods

Examinations: CCE Pattern

Parents visit the campus to know the performance of their children and they do interact with the subject teachers. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment

Internal Exams

Spell Exams,Quest Exams,MMA Exams (Minimum Mathematics Abilities),Monthly Exams for Class-X,SSC Revision Schedule

Competitive Exams


Scientific analysis

The student’s performance in the weekly test is microscopically analyzed. Subject wise and test to test comparison is done to individually counsel and to motivate the students. The counseling team includes Principal, Main Teachers, Academic vice-principal and the respective subject associate faculties.

  • CDF (Concepts, Definitions and Formulae) books
  • Micro Schedules of all the subjects separately for the academic year
  • Worksheets for practice
  • Activity Question Papers with solutions
  • Mental ability, Speed Maths and Quantitative Aptitude modules
  • Grand tests package (Series of test papers conducted at the end of the year)


Projects play a very important role as they inculcate scientific temper, competitive spirit and zeal to learn and excel among the students. Projects develop coordination ability and team spirit in work. To inculcate scientific temper, competitive spirit and zeal to learn among the students projects are given as an integral part of the curriculum. It develops coordination ability and team spirit in work

Activity Based Learning

In the international educational circles, activity based learning is gearing up. Activity based learning is nothing but education through entertainment. As an initiative in this direction, SPR programme is also equipped with various activities conducted every week in MPC and other subjects to fine tune the concepts. Those activities are: Quiz, Group discussion, Mind mapping, Quiz for applying thought, Data sufficiency, Quiz for mental ability, Quiz for logical ability and Folding and Unfolding of concepts. These activities ensure development of conceptual skills and personal competencies

Error's list

An error's list is given to every student and a period is allotted for the practice of error's made. Questions of different levels are framed on the model of error's made by the students for their practice.