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Pre-Primary School

The school follows play based unique methods at Pre-Primary level for the overall development of the children. Pre-Primary wing is designed according to the child’s age

Primary School

Once the child completes the pre-Primary education he/she is promoted to primary education

Primary classes are from 1st Class to 5th Class Along with the regular academics In the primary school, we focus on strengthening literacy, social, and numeracy skills. Our curriculum revolves around learning through fun instead of creating a competitive environment, which stresses children out.

High School

Once the child completes the Primary education he/she is promoted to High School education.

Our high school is an environment personalized for advance studies and all-round development. This phase, we believe, is critical since it is at this time when children start thinking independently and their life goals start coming into the picture. Cultivating positive attitude, motivating them to achieve what they are eying, and ensuring academic growth are a part of our high school program.