Co-Curricular Activities

Character Building Activities

Festivals (Regional / National / International

  • Donations,Sports Meet,Fasting

Spiritual Activities

Saraswathi Puja (at Saraswathi Statue) Washing the feet of parents by X – Class students Yagnam - Chandiyagam

National Integrity at SPR

  • August 15th – Independence Day
  • January 26th – Republic Day
  • October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi

Radio Programme: SPR RADIO

News updates of our campus maintained by the children. We also cover all Regional, National, International news updates. Inborn talents of young children are dugout through this RADIO programme.

Discipline at SPR

  • There is no corporal punishment
  • Emphasis is on self-discipline
  • Children are encouraged to analyze and correct their own behaviour, through self-discipline policy
  • Guidelines are framed to ensure physical safety of children and also nurture their value system

Personality Development

One week programme is organized in SPR School of Excellence Residential, Yellapur, Warangal every year by Sri Raghu Guruji and Smt. Radha Mataji.

Features of This programme

Yoga, Meditation, yogasanas, Goal Setting, Attitude, Communication skills, Positive Thinking, Building Self-confidence, our culture and traditions etc. We celebrate International Yoga Day

Communication skills at SPR

A major emphasis is laid on developing communication skills and leadership qualities in students through debate, Group discussions, elocution & creative writing. Group discussion,Debating, Mind mapping, Quiz for applying thought, mental ability & logical ability, Data sufficiency, Getting information through internet, Folding and Unfolding of concepts constitute a major role in the academic schedule.

Days we celebrate in SPR

  • Hindi Divas
  • English Day
  • Maths Day
  • Science Day / Science Fair
  • Teachers’ Day (Self Government)
  • Children’s Day
  • New Year Celebrations

Festivals we celebrate in SPR

  • Ganesh Chathurthi
  • Ramzaan
  • Diwali
  • Ugadi
  • Holi
  • X-Mass
  • Mahashivarathri

Functions at SPR

  • School Annual Day
  • Farewell Day
  • Thanking Party

Imparting Leadership Qualities

  • Hindi Divas
  • English Day
  • Maths Day
  • Science Day / Science Fair
  • Teachers’ Day (Self Government)
  • Children’s Day
  • New Year Celebrations

Imparting Leadership Qualities

  • Mock Elections
  • Mock Assembly
  • Mock interview
  • Group Discussion
  • Elocution

Motivational Speeches

  • Sripathi Garu (Founder and Chairman of SPR Group)
  • Ravinder Rao (Founder of Vandematharam foundations)
  • Dr. Venu Bhagavan (Motivational Speaker)
  • Prof. Dinakar (NIIT)
  • Prof. Ramachandraiah (NIIT)


(A charitable Trust was found by Alumni of 2012-13 Batch) It is run by all out going students, Through this trust students collect old clothes, blankets, donations, medicine and send them to CM Relief Fund.

Will Update Soon

  • Rest Hours after Lunch at SPR
  • Saturday Activities
  • Saturday Movies at SPR
  • News Time at SPR
  • Debate Time at SPR