Hostel: Friendly Atmosphere

In a world which is fast-paced and competitive, we at SPR believe that being a hostler helps the children flourish, develop and fulfill their potential while staying away from home. Interacting with a wide variety of students teaches them to respect all cultures and communities. We provide friendly, safe, secure and a caring environment in our hostels to all our students. The hostel facilities provide the right environment to study, an opportunity to have their freedom and explore in their life.

Sports and studies go together

Sports and studies have equal importance in a hostler’s life and this is a big boost to their confidence. It helps them learn together, respect their peers and find their passions on their terms, be it on the field or in the classroom. As they challenge themselves on a daily basis they grow by leaps and bounds; the lessons acquired at the dorm are the roots that will serve them well throughout their life.

Cordial Relations with parents:

The campus environment nurtures children’s independence and individuality as they discover themselves at every step of their journey as hostlers. The dorm is a place where children can make lasting memories of the best years of their life. Health is of primary concern to the authorities at SPR and every comfort is provided for the ailing child. Living with friends and learning from them on weekdays and going back home to their parents on weekends ensures that the child receives quality time to interact with their peers and mentors, and also a good measure of family-time as well. A home away from home what brings us together is a shared belief that development is only truly meaningful when it is carried out in integrated and holistic away.

Calm and elegant ambience:To enjoy the stay

All children need a balanced, supportive learning environment and we at SPR School have mapped out the boarding activities with this in mind. Every child is an individual with budding talent and a unique perspective on life, and as parents and teachers we must give the opportunity for our children to grow and become citizens of tomorrow. The calm and elegant ambience in hostel provides a unique opportunity for students to enjoy their stay as well as encourage them for better learning.


We offer exclusive healthcare and medical assistance with children specialist (Pediatrician) to ensure total health for all our students. In case of any further medical support, we also refer to corporate hospitals for complete care and treatment with due notice to the parents


We undertake detailed analysis of students’ problems and come up with effective remedial solutions to improve our initiative to make students achieve more success. Our experienced and compassionate faculty members study these problems and formulate a customized model for corrective and preventive measures based on each student’s background like his/her interests. Kindling the knowledge horizons in young minds.

The counseling team consists of the Principal, the Vice-Principal and the respective Subject faculty. Identifying the weakness of a child through analysis and counseled by the grades of improvement. If necessity demands, the parents are also involved in the process.


What else could be richer for a student with the thirst for knowledge? Obviously it is the Library which provides a wealth of information. A well-equipped library is like a well-equipped gym to young minds. The more you make use of it, the smarter and mentally you become fit.

Our library showcases a good collection of text books, reference material, journals, technical guides, manuals, magazines and encyclopedias on various subjects. Our library provides students to refer books and enrich their knowledge and level of understanding. Our library is designed with all supporting infrastructure for all-round development of students.

4.Laboratories: Apply the minds to create wonders.

At SPR schools, lab activities are integrated in the day to day teaching schedule. This helps the child to get complete education by practical way of applying concepts. Mundane teaching may not be an impressive way of learning. Demonstration and involving students in practical approach will definitely yield reaping results

We emphasize on conducting detailed Laboratory sessions to the students to make them explore and experience the real essence of learning concepts of science and technology. Lab sessions are an integral part of all Science and Maths subjects. At SPR, we have well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate practical sessions for the theories learnt. Laboratories constitute the major part of our teaching infrastructure. All the students get good amount of time with best equipment and material properly aided by experienced demonstrators.

Our laboratories are equipped with all supporting demonstration tools and equipment with the highest quality standards in terms of safety, security, cleanliness, teaching and care. We strive to impart education with practical approach to ensure an enabling learning environment

5.Food and Dining

We serve nutritious vegetarian food for the children every day. High standards are maintained in preparation of food, curries, and other items by a well experienced cooking staff. Sumptuous, delicious and healthy food, with a well balanced diet for all our students is our priority. We also ensure cleanliness, variety and timeliness through our dedicated and well trained team of chefs. The School Mess Committee recommends the necessary changes from time to time based on replica watches students views and interests with the food served being nutritious and well-balanced.

6.Sound Mind in Sound Body: Yoga and Meditation

A stress free mind is very important for everyone who is at the threshold of realizing ones goals and ambitions. In today’s world it is highly important to be relaxed, given the break neck speed the world is going at. Students are trained to master the relaxation techniques like Yoga and Meditation. Every evening we have yoga and meditation through which our students will have relaxation.

7.Sports and Games

We have a spacious playground for physical education. We make our children play various sports and games like, foot ball, volley ball, shuttle, kho-kho and cricket etc. Indoor games such as caroms chess etc. We provide time for games and sports every day. Participation of every student is mandatory. Indoor games enable students to learn to follow rules and regulations, promote cooperation, self control, individual contribution and group behaviour. They inculcate sporting spirit and sense of fairness. Indoor games also foster qualities such as spirit of tolerance, fair dealing and honesty which are essential for success in life.

8.Safety and Security

We provide safe and secured environment with trained security personnel and ensure round-the-clock surveillance. Students are supported with in-house caretakers for extensive care, counseling and better monitoring during study hours.